How to Plan a Trip in 8 Practical Steps (& What NOT to Plan)

Google’s travel planning tools help you prepare for holiday trips

Google is trying to make planning your next trip a little less stressful.


The search giant, which turned 20 this week, is adding suggestions directly to your searches and created a landing page for flight trends and hotel options as the winter holidays approach, as previously reported by TechCrunch.


The suggestions offer you things to do, day plans and travel articles when you search major travel destinations. They get even more specific as once you’ve booked a hotel or flight — ¬†offering flight prices (assuming that’s not booked), weather, events while you’re there and restaurants near where you’re staying.


Hotels will also get a location score based on neighborhood information from Google Maps, showing if they’re near bars, stores, landmarks or public transport.


In October, Google will add features to its existing Your Trips tool that allow you to smoothly pick up any travel research you’ve been doing. It’ll include flight prices you’re tracking, destination-specific flight and hotel searches, and any places you’ve saved.


You can view Your Trips by searching for ‘my trips’ on Google, or tap on the Your Trips tab from Google Flights or Hotels on your phone.


If these features make you feel like Google knows too much about you, you can opt out with privacy settings.


The pricing trends landing page is probably the most impressive new addition, but it’s currently pretty limited and Google plans to expand it worldwide in the coming weeks. It shows 2017 pricing trends for major destinations for Thanksgiving, the December holidays and New Years, giving you a sense of how the pricing will change for 2018.


You can also see holiday hotel prices and potential savings for top global destinations.How to Plan a Trip in 8 Practical Steps (& What NOT to Plan)


Google didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.


These travel features follow the addition of group planning feature, to help you figure out social plans in a more local way.

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