eBay Can Now Guarantee That $10K Watch You Bought Isn't Fake | PCMag

EBay now tells you if that luxury watch you want is real

eBay is starting to authenticate luxury watches to make sure you don’t get scammed.


The e-commerce giant on Wednesday said its expanding the eBay Authenticate program to include luxury watches, which will mark the listings with an ‘Authenticity Verified’ label. The service also expanded this month to several European markets, including the UK and Germany.


The authentication program launched last year for luxury handbags. Sellers can send their handbags to specialists who authenticate, photograph, list, sell and ship the items. The ‘Authenticity Verified’ listings have a 100 percent money-back guarantee for buyers.


With scammers roaming virtual marketplaces, authenticating expensive items could help eBay win consumers’ trust and branch into the luxury market.


eBay Can Now Guarantee That K Watch You Bought Isn't Fake | PCMag



‘eBay has the largest selection of luxury goods — from rare and designer handbags to fine wristwatches — and we know this community wants an added layer of trust and confidence when buying in these categories,’ said James Hendy, senior director of eBay Authenticate, in a blog post. ‘Since launching the eBay Authenticate service in the luxury handbag category, eBay has seen that items with the ‘Authenticity Verified’ label are more likely to sell as similar non-verified inventory.’


Shoppers can now view authenticated watches from over 30 luxury brands, including Rolex, Omega, Patek Philippe and more. The watches are verified by third-party specialists. Currently, eBay’s authentication program has nearly 7,000 watches available online. The company expects to have roughly 10,000 luxury watches in the coming weeks.



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